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Short biography


How did I choose the profession of personal coaching and psychology? Unconventionally through passing language courses in several countries and enrolling to American University in Prague. Having learned about new cultures, nations as well as individuals led to unceasing interest of the people as such – what unites us, what separates us, what worries us and what makes us happy.


I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Mass Media (University of New York in Prague) and a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Counseling (La Salle University). I had no idea, however, that in the course of studying something that fulfills me so much I would get to know what it is like to go through deep levels of sadness. Firsthand, I experienced that even a mentally healthy person can feel unwell for seemingly not very important reasons, especially if a number of stressors at the same time. On the other hand, it has provided me with knowledge and experience that can not only help me, but also you, overcome the pitfalls of life with better awareness and greater ease.


I can feel with those of you who are just going through difficult times, but also with those who just feel stagnation and who would like to embark on the journey of personal growth. As a psychologist & counselor, I support my clients in deeper self-knowledge, which will lead to a better understanding of themselves and their surroundings. My therapeutic approach is influenced by two-year training for coaches and supervisors. This differs from a conventional method as I put less emphasis on the client’s past and more on the present and future. I believe that though the past influences us to some degree, it does not automatically determine who we are now or what we may become.


Life is a journey full of changes and experiences, some of which we find joyful and some of which we do not – and it is especially these that may turn into milestones that put us either into a state of stagnation and misery, or that motivate us to make a change and start doing something in our life differently.



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HERMÉS Group Prague – Institute for systemic therapy and coaching


U Apolinare – Center for psychotherapy and family therapy


The City Practice – Clinical psychology and counseling services for international corporations






2-year training program for coaches and supervisors (2013 – 2015)


Master of Arts: Clinical Counseling in Psychology (2014)


Bachelor of Arts: Communication and Mass Media (2012)





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