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Lucie is a life coach and a counselor & psychologist.


She works with motivated adults that wish to improve their lives.





   Do you know what you want in life or are you still searching for it? Coaching is focused on creating a better future – particularly through goals, plans and materializing your ideas and dreams.

   As coach and client we want to achieve something meaningful in your life, we want a change & we want to work effectively – so that you can soon reap the fruits of your efforts.

What clients tend to say: “In this area of my life I’m not doing as good. I would like to do something about it.”

   Relationship coach: you will get from “What is happening to us?” or “I don’t want to be alone anymore” to “I know what I want and how to achieve it”.

   Personal development coach: you will get from “What is going on in me?” to “I know what I want and how to achieve it”.

   In my own words I would say that a successfully “coached” client is the one who knows what he/she wants and how to achieve it. He/she perceives this process as actually fun and enjoyable, even though sometimes it is a lot of work.



   Do you feel you are not the “owner” of severe depressions or other mental illnesses, but still you would like to seek an expert and tell him about what you’ve been experiencing?

   Counseling could be the right option for you: it is a form of therapeutic service for mentally healthy people.

   Life is a journey full of changes and experiences, some of which we find joyful and some of which we do not – and it is especially these that may turn into milestones that put us either into a state of stagnation and misery, or that motivate us to make a change and start doing something in our life differently.

   Are you unsure? It is not exceptional that sometimes coaching and counseling overlaps, which is a unique ability of coaches + psychologists, see for yourself…

   Imagine, sometimes we all just want to be listened to instead of coached.

   And during counseling sessions as my client you don’t need to worry about getting stuck only in your past. Though this may be helpful sometimes, a common view into your future is just as beneficial, if not more.

   I believe that though the past influences us to some degree, it does not automatically determine who we are now or what we may become.

Psychologist in Prague

Relationship Coaching Topics


  • Romantic relationships

  • Dating

  • Communication

  • Image & attractiveness


Personal Development Topics


  • Self-confidence

  • Identity

  • Motivation vs procrastination

  • Healthy lifestyle

  • Unfulfilled dreams & desires


Typical Counseling Topics


coaching prague coach english praha

Coaching & Counseling Prague

Are you a native English speaker and looking for a coach in Prague? I highly recommend contacting my husband Cord Thomas at Coaching Praha. I have found over the years that the best interactions happen between native speakers of the same language.

coaching prague coach english praha

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Welcome to my website!

Client References


"Working with Lucie was a pleasure, she helped me overcome my anxiety in a friendly way. Her method of getting me to come up with answers to my own questions and guiding me made the things we discussed much more memorable. Since our coaching sessions I have been able to deal with situations I previously avoided much better. I hope to keep improving and I believe that I am on the right track after meeting with Lucie for coaching."

Andrew S. (20. 2. 2014)



I am originally from Spain and I have moved to Prague 6 years ago as I was offered a great position in one international company. Ever since I moved here I have been dealing with feelings of sadness and fear as I wasn't sure about the decision. My girlfriend was left back in Spain and we eventually broke up. I found it difficult to find new friends in Prague, because quite frankly Czech people are not the most friendly people in the world, so I was usually stuck with other Spanish expats from work. Lucie has been helping me with my social anxiety that has slowly built up over the years and I now enjoy socializing with Czech people more as I got to understand them better."

Juan Sebastián (30. 4. 2015)

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